Corporate Social Responsibility

For Aerial Telecom Solutions, its Corporate Social Responsibility holds utmost importance. We feel incomplete without giving back to the society we live in. We stand by our beliefs, principles and ethics and contribute to the well being of our economy and humanity. Following are the 3 pillars of our Corporate Social Responsibility. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities are regular feature of our company’s CSR initiative. Our company has done tie-up with an NGO by the name of “Jyoti Sarup Kanya Orphanage”. We serve full day’s meal to almost 150 children of the Jyoti Sarup Kanya Orphanage on every Third and Fifth Sunday of the month and not only our employees but also their family members, volunteer to serve this duty on the prescribed Sundays. We have provided financial support to them as per there requirement. We are sponsoring education housekeeping staff’s children. Contribution to society through Blood donation camps, environmental initiatives blankets distribution to needy people etc are ongoing activity.

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Our Guiding Principles

Our guiding principles stand us apart and we stand by them always. We take honesty, correctness, and fair business modules as the measures of our success. If we advocate transparency, we practice it too and almost to a fault. This is what makes us so trustworthy. You can rely on us for completeness of information, total confidentiality and protection of all your intellectual property.

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Caring For The Ecology

We impart thorough training, and have made two-way communication important across our organization so that involvement of all our employees can be maximized. Our approach to protecting the environment from various harmful pollutants and substances is unique. We believe in giving positive contribution to ensure remarkable and sustainable development.

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We Look Out For Our Own

At Aerial Telecom Solutions we make it a point to enhance our work practices and employee involvement modules through effective communication and high levels of empathy. Our management level employees and seniors are always working to obtain positive reviews, full on employee commitment, and complete cooperation across various levels.

Our Environment

Aerial Telecom Solutions believes in and works towards safeguarding the environment it functions in. This practice has been a primary asset of our company ever since we have come into existence.

Our Ethics

At Aerial Telecom Solutions our strong & everlasting commitment to our business ethics is something we are proud of. We implement nothing but the best business ethics and practices.

Our People

Aerial Telecom Solutions was founded on the primary principle of staying strongly committed to respecting the human element across the workplace and from all walks of life.