ATS Skill

Transparency In Our Functions

At Aerial we believe the more transparent our culture is, the more likely it is that the inevitable problems can be easily identified and fixed before they turn into a crisis. Creating a culture that makes people feel they are contributing to the greater good of the organisation has been the key to our success. We believe in clear operations and have adopted an open-door policy. Our employees are free to share their concerns, opinions and happiness with their peer group as well as the upper management. We have monthly Skip Levels and quarterly Open House where in employees get a much needed platform to speak heart-to-heart with the management.

ATS Skill

Employee Acknowledgement

We have established a process of acknowledging our employees through monthly and annual ‘Rewards and Recognitions’ so that they feel good about being a part of our family. This lets us ensure that their goals are aligned with company goals. We keep on organizing outdoor trainings & get-together programs to nourish and strengthen the bond among our employees as well as with the management team.

Our Events

Aerial Telecom Solutions believes that a business does not exist without making the customer happy. Quality service & continuous improvement is our Mantra of success. Regular meetings and touch-down with our valued clients and other important stakeholders is the key that has let us sustain the integrity of our business.

Our approach is proactive when it comes to imparting soft-skills as well as technical training to our employees so that they can be groomed overall. Fixed Job and Key Responsibility Areas and Goal Setting of each employee are pre-defined in order to help them avoid unnecessary multi-tasking, consistent performance within a short period of time.

In order to retain the best talent we provide ‘Long Term Retention Bonus’ to our most active and valuable employees. These rewards include monetary benefits as well as foreign leisure trips which are a favourite among several of our organisational members.

In the customer experience economy, every interaction to build relationships, strengthen brand loyalty and grow your business. We help you leverage insights from data to deliver context-appropriate information and experiences across channels and touchpoints. Our holistic approach to Customer experience aligns people, processes, systems and workflows so all areas of the business can provide better service to customers.

Employee Satisfaction Surveys (E-Sat) are conducted on a regular basis and the results are assessed and analysed to improve the system, culture, human resource policies and work environment of the company.